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Mr Blackburn Pistol

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    Mr Blackburn Pistol

    • Laid back and easy going. You can walk in with him and his mares and he don’t care that your there. He is a decent of the Great ZAN PARR BAR known as the cowboys horse. Also with linage going to DRIFTWOOD. His mother was competed on in the working cow horse and cutting ring. Father is used at home as a ranch horse.


    This stallion seems to be a high producer of color out of any mare. He tends to have more roans then anything else. He has prduced Bay and Red Roans and sorrels crossed to sorrels. Palominos, Duns, Red Duns, Dun Roans crossed with coloured mares.

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    He's is 15.1H Tall

    Red Carrier (Ee)

    Heterozygous Roan (Rr) (50% chance of that foal being roan)

    Homozygous Agouti (AA) This restricts the black to the points. He will never have a black foal or blue roan.

    NFQHA Foundation Bred: 90%
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    GBED N/N
    HYPP N/N
    MH N/N
    PSSM1 N/N