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    Here you will find all of our foals for this year along with a description of each foal, with parents names and pedigrees

    To The Foals



    Here you will find all of my mares to date. Along with a decription of each mare and their pedigree.

    To The Mares

With the goal of getting some of the top bloodlines within my herd of horses, I wish to introduce you to my Quarter Horses. With some bloodlines from DOC BAR, DOC O'LENA, PEPPY SAN BADGER, POCO BUENO, SMART LITTLE LENA, PEPPY SAN, LEO SAN, DOC QUIXOTE, FRECKLES PLAYBOY, BOSTON MAC And KING.



The original Ranch that is shown in the picture has been moved to it's current location.

At that point in time My grandmothers family decided that it was to far away from the highway, and all the hills made it to difficult to traverse in the winter when there was a lot of snow. At the current time they moved the house by horses to its new location, were they added onto it.

In its time it was a booming Cattle ranch with five quarters of land to call home. But eventually time caught up with the ranch and the owner died, dividing the land with his children.

My Grandmother received two quarters of that land and the original house. She continued on with the cattle ranch but at a much smaller scale to what it was.

Eventually that would work against her. Being that the prices of feed were going up and the pay out of the cattle going down, she sold out. She kept her land for she was going to give it to her children.

As time went on her children got land of their own and did what they pleased. Leaving the ranch free. With all that time of nothing happening, nature took its course. Buildings started to go to shambles, fencing falling down.

When I decided to take up the operation of the ranch it has not been used for some time. And as a result of that it had come to some disrepair. One of the biggest projects that I will have is to do some clean up and rebuilding.